Gateway carefully considers all factors that will ensure the youth’s greatest potential for success both during and after participation in our program.


Gateway Academy is designed to support underachieving boys ages 14- 17. In considering each candidate for admission, Gateway carefully considers every aspect of the youth's functioning and environment to ensure the youth’s greatest potential for success both during and after participation. Length of stay is flexible and based on the individual needs and progress of each youth. The typical length of stay for our students ranges between seven to twelve months, with the average being around eight months.

A typical Gateway boy has struggled with:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • executive functioning problems
  • impulsivity and attention problems
  • social and relationship difficulties
  • unresolved trauma
  • diminished self esteem
  • difficulties at home
  • experimentation with alcohol and drugs
  • oppositional attitudes
  • excessive use of computers/electronics
  • identity and developmental issues
  • academic deficits
  • lack of motivation
  • and other comparible difficulties

Our program is not appropriate for every youth. Referrals are carefully screened by the Admissions Director, Clinical Director and Medical Director to ensure each youth’s problems can be effectively addressed in our setting.

Contraindication for admission includes youth who present with imminently life threatening symptoms, pose a danger to themselves or others, present with a history of chronic substance abuse without a recent intervening period of sobriety, present as physically aggressive, or require extreme physical or medical care.


Residential Treatment placement is a difficult decision for any family to make.  We encourage all of our families to tour our campus and meet with our team before making a decision to move forward with enrollment.  Please contact our admissions department to discuss your son’s needs, and to inquire about a campus tour. 

If you have been in touch with the Admissions Department already, please click below to begin your application!

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Please contact the Admissions Office for current tuition rates or to inquire about partial scholarship qualification.

Financing is available from Prosper Health Care Lending.  Please fill out the application at  Gateway Academy’s Provider number is: 002795


Please follow the link below if your son has been accepted to Gateway and you are preparing for his enrollment!  This page will help you with the planning in preparation for his arrival.  We are excited to meet your son! 

 Click here for our Gateway Bound Families (downloadable PDF)

  • Dedicated to the healthy development and healing of adolescent boys
  • Safe nurturing environment
  • Individualized and relationship-centered approach
  • Brain-based emphasis on learning and growth
  • Clinical and academic experts
  • Trust and integrity