It starts with being in a safe and nurturing place.
An environment where healthy relationships can be
modeled, practiced and grown. Taken back home. And
shared with the community at large.

Trust:  The Ripple Effect

There are concentric circles of community at Gateway: 

Home, the place where our students live. The community they form with each other, mentors, teachers and therapists as they learn to trust each other and form healthy relationships.

And the community outside our doors – the larger community, rich with opportunities for activity and service. Trust is built circle by circle, rippling out as students grow in confidence and skill.

Residential Life

Community at Gateway begins in an intentionally small home-like environment that fosters a safe and nurturing ambiance. It’s a place where youth can feel secure enough to try on new life skills and responsibilities, supported 24/7 by the guidance of our dedicated and nurturing staff. At Gateway, each boy has a voice and daily opportunity to contribute to their community though entertaining activities, creative projects, cooking and chores.

 “Many of the boys who come to Gateway have low self-esteem. My job, in part, is to personally connect with each young man, and through our relationship, help him see and believe in his potential. By the time he leaves, he can see a future filled with opportunity. I love playing a role in that transformation."

—Rebecca Garfield, A.P.C., Program Director

A Sense Of Belonging

Within our walls, the boys also learn to trust and form healthy relationships with their therapists, teachers, staff and each other.  We model and teach respect for different cultures, attitudes and interests. Each boy holds a place in our community he alone can fulfill, and when he comes to see how he fits in and is valued, he feels part of the larger whole. It’s this sense of belonging and value that provides the foundation he can take home and extend to wider circles:  Within a new school. His friends. And as a citizen.

The Larger Community

As boys progress in our program, their experience extends to the community beyond our academy. Through service projects, volunteer work and activities as a group, students apply the lessons they’ve learned at Gateway to real-life situations and experiences.  As anyone knows who has volunteered, helping others is a double gift:  good for the giver and good for the beneficiary.

  • Nurturing environment
  • Focus on developing healthy relationship skills
  • Belonging
  • Taking responsibility
  • Giving back through service

You’re Invited

We would love to show you Gateway’s facilities in person and introduce you to our team.  Email to arrange a tour.