Gateway’s academic vision is to inspire and engage.
We seek to spark our students’ attention, awaken
critical thinking and make learning come alive. 

His Learning Style

At Gateway, we tailor our instruction and curriculum to match each student’s learning style, strengths and personality. It starts with a thorough assessment of his capabilities and limitations. Where does he shine? What blocks his confidence and esteem? 

Gateway students are generally bright but have difficulty expressing how much they know in a typical learning environment.

Some come to us having enjoyed and performed well in school until some emotional difficulties impeded their success. For these students, our program focuses on academic, social, and intellectual preparation for college.

Others arrive having struggled academically for years, perhaps due to a learning difference, social issues, or the distraction of an emotional problem. For these students, our academic team creates a challenging but manageable program of skill building, accommodations, self-advocacy training, organizational skills, study skills, and remediation if necessary. In our optimized environment, many young men are surprised to discover a deep enjoyment of learning and are soon able to move from remediation to more intensive college preparation.

"I believe in a balance between challenge and support. When there is too much challenge, students become overwhelmed; too much support, and they don’t reach their full potential.”

—Sydel Morris-Greco, M.Ed., Principal

INspiring A Love For Learning

Something amazing happens when academic success and independence are carefully nurtured. Self-defeating beliefs and behaviors begin to melt.  Students find out that they are students:  natural explorers, curious about their world – and capable. And learning becomes its own reward. That’s the sweet spot.   

Our smaller classroom setting provides an intimate learning environment where each boy can receive the personal attention and support he needs.  By the time our students leave Gateway, they have the confidence and the passion to pursue learning independently for life.

Gateway teachers are champions for success, seizing every opportunity to build on a boy’s academic wins, while challenging him to go further within his potential.


Gateway believes in teaching in the way our brains learn best.  This is accomplished by using Dr. John Ratey’s “Sparks” brain-based research to create optimal learning experiences in our classrooms.  We start by priming the brain before school in our morning fitness class so that students arrive to class ready to learn.  While at school, we re-prime the brain by utilizing movement to reinforce learning at least every 15-20 minutes, teaching a concept and then reviewing it with a learning activity that involves movement.  This allows the concept to move more easily from short-term to long-term memory and enables the teachers to better assess learning. The majority of our students learn kinesthetically, by moving, and using our "Sparks" brain-based approach in the classroom allows our students to demonstrate their intelligence in a way that is unlike what they might reveal in traditional classrooms.  Click here to learn more.

  • Personalized
  • Fully accredited
  • Inspiring life-long curiosity and confidence
  • Focused on developing:
    • Critical thinking
    • Effective communication
    • Independent learning skills

An Accredited Program

Gateway offers a teacher-directed college preparatory curriculum, fully accredited by AdvancED.  All credits earned are fully transferrable and students are eligible to graduate from high school at Gateway.   

Students learn in traditional classrooms that follow the core curriculum for each subject, and Gateway teachers are specialists, certified in their individual subject areas.  Each student attends classes with only the students who are also earning credit for that particular class.

Our core academic curriculum includes:



We believe mastering learning skills and developing competency at school is part of the healing process for our students and sets them up for success after Gateway. The 10 main skills we develop in students are:

  • self advocacy
  • achievement (assignment completion)
  • engagement in the learning process
  • internal motivation
  • perseverance
  • planning and organization
  • mentoring
  • respect
  • responsible leadership
  • "Sparks" (optimizing the brain to learn)

Students are evaluated by the faculty on these 10 learning skills at regular intervals based on program progression. In earlier phases of the program, each skill has achievable expectations and faculty take on the burden of responsibility for student learning. In the middle phases, each skill requires students to demonstrate more competency and responsibility with faculty serving as mentors for students. In the higher phases each skill requires students to demonstrate the level of competency necessary to succeed in traditional classroom environments.  

College Preparatory Curriculum

Our complete college preparatory curriculum – including honors level courses – allows students to build a strong transcript for college admission.  In addition, college counseling is part of the school process at Gateway.

  • Helping choose appropriate courses in light of high school graduation requirements as well as college admissions criteria
  • Integrating SAT and ACT preparation into courses regularly through:
  • Questions of the Day
  • Questions of the Week
  • Emphasizing preparation of one section of the test each grading term
  • Teaching an optional 2-Day Prep Workshop in the fall of each school year
  • Assisting students in registering for and taking the SAT or ACT
  • Educating students about different types of post-secondary education opportunities and assisting them to find a good fit
  • Assisting students with the college search/application/admission process
  • Helping students write their college essay
  • Providing communication to the students and parents on school progress and performance, graduation progress and the college admission process

Individualized Education Program

Gateway Academy accommodates previously developed IEP's in order to continue the individualized instruction recommended for students with special learning needs. We participate in quarterly goal evaluations with the home district to ensure that the IEP is being followed and that it continues to be a valid document if the student returns to his public school. We have a certified special education teacher that will oversee the IEP and work with the content teachers to make the necessary accommodations and modifications required in the regular education classes.